We have specialized in Spring with high quality!

Strong step towards world’s top spring.
Established in 2005, developing and producing super-precise Garter Spring.
We are going to take off to be world’s best company with good quality and super-precise technology of Garter Spring.

Myeong-in spring has been operating professional production in tension spring/torsion spring and Garter Spring(Seal spring/ ridena Springs)– additionally, compression; supplying and producing best precise springs by developing automatic system with certification of ISO 9001/ IATF16949.

Business Area

Garter Spring - Oil Seal / Ridena Spring

  • Automobile: engine, mission, power steering, etc.
  • Electronic products: Washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
  • Oil pressure: heavy equipment, machinery equipment

Compress / Extension Spring

  • Automobile: Trunk, wiper system, etc.
  • Electronic products: Washing machine, office equipment, etc.
  • Oil pressure: Hydraulic pressure parts.

Torsion Spring

  • Automobile: Seat, Trunk
  • Electronic products: Washing machine, remote control, office equipment, etc.
  • Others: Door locks, horseshoes for fire doors, etc.

Micro Spring

  • Automobile: Electric motor.
  • Electronic products: Medical devices.
  • Others: LM Guide.

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