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Garter Spring
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Garter Spring

As a coil form of shape, the both ends are connected in round shape and it is used for oil seal, shaft seal, belt drive motor and electronic connector etc. Because it can tolerate forces from every direction, it handles effectively the change of volume, pressure, temperature and viscosity.
Sample can be produced before mass production.


– Auto-mobiles, Electronic, Shipbuilding, Pneumatic equipment etc.

Oil-Seal Spring
Garter Seal
Oil-seal Spring
Oil-seal Spring
Oil Seal
Oil Seal
Oil Seal
압연메카니카씰(Oil-seal Spring)
Classification Lubricant Acid Alkali Water
KSD 3510 HSW O X X X
KSD 3535 STS304 O O O O
KSD 3535 STS316 O O O O
1) Permissible Tolerance Thickness of Spring HSW3 ±0.015
STSC 304 ±0.010
Distance 2.0 or less -0.05
2.5 or less -0.05/±0.1
Length of Spring 100 or less ±0.05
100~200 -1.0/+0.5
200~500 ±1.0
2) Coherence After increasing 40% of Spring’s length by cutting opposite side of bond, there should be no breakaway bond/ Joint section
3) Joint Section Screw: 3-4 level / Shape : TAPER